Chapter 7: Searching For Miracles

Skepticism is integral to science and invention, as there is no shortage of folks who claim to have discovered some variation on perpetual motion. Can a law of physics be broken? Do we know all there is to know? These are divisive questions in the scientific community, and debate can take on a religious tone.This is the territory we enter in Chapter 7, where you’ll be introduced to Thane Heins and his controversial Perepiteia Generator. Does it put out more power than it consumes, as Heins claims? It’s not supposed to, yet in lab demonstrations the behaviour of his machine has stumped believers and skeptics alike. Heins is an unlikely inventor, but, as Tesla once said of himself, he has the “boldness of ignorance.” His endeavour may turn out a fool’s voyage, but with fans like legendary rocker Neil Young in his corner – seriously, Neil Young — the memories will certainly be precious.


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