Chapter 4: Copying Nature’s Playbook

Finding new ways to generate clean electricity is only part of the challenge the world faces. We also need to use less energy to accomplish the work we desire, and some inventors are taking their cues from nature. Like Australian entrepreneur Jay Harman, who observed early in life that certain shapes or patterns found in nature – e.g. spiral patterns found in everything from DNA to galaxies — exist for a reason. Simply put, they’re more efficient at how they manage the flow of fluid or air. In Chapter 4 you’ll learn about Harman’s company PAX Scientific and his frustrating attempts to convince the captains of industry, and investors, that everything from fans and turbines to pumps and mixers can be made dramatically more efficient. You’ll also learn about the emerging field of biomimicry, as well as a number of other inventors who, like Harman, are borrowing from Mother Nature’s cookbook.



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