About the book

By Tyler Hamilton

Available Now (ECW Press)

These are anxious times, and there is no shortage of books warning of the problems in our world. Climate change. Peak oil. Environmental degradation. Water scarcity.

It is easy to feel hopeless, but there is reason to be hopeful. This is a time of unprecedented innovation. Right now, there is an army of scientists, inventors, academics and entrepreneurs dedicated to finding cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels and climate-friendly sources of energy.

“Superb! A fun, fast-paced and positive read.”
- Greg Kiessling, co-founder, Bullfrog Power

Some of their ideas might seem radical, impossible even. But history tells us we should never say never. Many great inventors or entrepreneurs were once doubted, dismissed and ridiculed. Serbian-American engineer Nikola Tesla, for example, is one of the greatest inventors of our times but was branded by many as a mad scientist. A kook. His inventions, however, changed the world and led to the creation of our modern-day electricity system.

We need those who think outside the box. We need risk takers willing to attempt what others consider unorthodox. We need more people who are mad like Tesla.

Tyler Hamilton’s Mad Like Tesla: Underdog Inventors and Their Bold Pursuit of Clean Energy, released in September 2011 by ECW Press, profiles just some of these lone runners, and aims to offer hope in a world that needs it. You may be surprised to find out just what is possible, and worth pursuing.



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